100 Best Instagram Accounts for Watch Enthusiasts

100 Best Instagram Accounts for Watch Enthusiasts

There is tons of content on Instagram for watch enthusiasts — almost too much of it, some might argue. But how do you know you’re getting what you’re looking for as you scroll down your feed? For that matter, which of the many dozens of accounts devoted to engaging the #watchcommunity should you be following based on your own interests and favorites? After asking our audience for their favorite watch-related accounts, we’ve compiled the 100 best Instagram pages for watch lovers, divided into categories. There’s something here for everyone, whether you’re seeking out celebrity wrist shots, rare vintage pieces, specific brands in the spotlight, cheeky watch-world memes, or just really eye-catching watch-lifestyle photography.


affordable wrist time


A showcase of watches under $1,000, linked to a review website.

practical watch


Spotlighting watches with a price ceiling of $1,500.

Brand Specific



A Hong Kong watch collector shows off his collection, mostly German pieces, heavy on A. Lange & Söhne.



Just what you'd expect: a plethora of Rolexes from a variety of collections.


Despite the handle, this page is all about showing Seiko.



A member of the Cartier family shares stories of watches and jewelry.


Watch restorer of Grand Seiko cases and movements shows his work

 rolex lover


Rolex photos and wrist rolls, updated daily.

Celebrity Watches



Celebrities and their watches, with detailed descriptions of the latter.



Celebrity watch spotting, with info and prices.



A little bit of everything watch-related, including celebs and best-of lists.



Calling out fake watches on a page geared toward hip-hop fans.


Lots of Patek, Richard Mille, and AP with their famous wearers.



Spotting watches on popular TV shows current and classic.



Identifying watches of entertainment celebs and world leaders.

Historical Watch Spotting



A combo of vintage ads, rarely seen candid shots of celebrities wearing watches, and modern timepieces.



Divers and dive watches, in photos and video clips, from a Coast Guard vet and former commercial diver.



Historical watches, many of them with a military pedigree, through the lens of a former CIA operative.



Phillips Auction House head of Americas showcases rarities and tells their stories.


A journey through military history and many of the watches that played a role.



With a stated goal of focusing on "the underdogs of the horological realm," this sleuth-centric site founded by a freelance writer explores some of the more obscure milestones of wristwatch history.

Humor & Commentary



A gallery of snarky and occasionally wicked memes aimed at the watch industry and its avid followers.



A mashup of celebrity wrist checking, watch-nerd memes, and wristshots of very unusual timepieces.



Taking aim at watch-world sacred cows with memes from a pop culture perspective.




Opinionated analysis and original photos from an outspoken Australian watch nut.



A Porsche enthusiast and vintage watch dealer shares his photos of timepieces, cars, and experiences.



Engaging female watch collectors with lifestyle-oriented photography of watches and their owners in the wild.



Watches in the context of diving, exploring, and other adventure settings, plus shots of vintage Land Rovers.



U.K.-based "Watch Gringa" Pierce models various timepieces on her wrist.



Sport and luxury watches in a variety of settings from talented blogger and photographer Jeremy Caparas.



One of the high-end watch world's OG influencers opines on timepiece topics.



Mondani Watch Books founder and author Giorgia Mondani's personal page, telling watch-world tales in pictures.


A self-proclaimed "Patekaholic" shares timepieces from his favorite brand, plus a smattering of other choice pieces.



Pictures posted by a collector group in Zurich, plus shoutouts to the Gang's YouTube videos.



Misha, the Watch Fashionista, wrist-models luxury watches and high jewelry.



Coveted watches on the wrist, irreverent selfies, with a side dish of cars and golf.



Menswear impresario Mark Cho, founder of the Armoury, shares stylish watches with fashionable accessories.



The watch lifestyle in pictures, from RedBar co-founder and all-around double-wristing bon vivant "Spanish Rob".

Luxury Watch Lifestyle



A trip to the rarefied air of the luxury watch world, with pieces from Patek, Richard Mille, Voutilainen, and more.



Haute horlogerie and a high level of bling on display, courtesy of this Italian watch aficionado.



The #1 community for AP fanatics, showcasing Royal Oaks at all levels of complication, including skeleton and perpetual calendar models.



Desirable watches shot in luxurious international settings, from a collector of vintage and modern timepieces.



Online dealer spotlights beautiful pieces from Patek Philippe, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Hermes, Breguet, and a plethora of other makers.



Watch pix and vids with a side of historial context, shared by a well-traveled collector.



One of the world's foremost horological news outlets, covering watches from a business, news, and lifestyle perspective and featured prominently as an expert source in international media brands including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and GQ.



Monochrome was founded in 2006 as the personal blog of Dutch watch enthusiast Frank Geelen and has grown to become one the most-read watch sites in the world.



Independently owned and operated since 2011, and training its focus primarily on accessible price points, along with a heavy dose of microbrand coverage, Worn & Wound takes pride in engaging a young and enthusiastic audience of future collectors.



Australia's most popular watch website, Time+Tide publishes a minimum of three stories a day on the website, a regular stream of videos on YouTube and an array of content on social media. With a mission "to create and enable watch addicts," Time+Tide maintains partnerships with CNN and other major global media outlets.



Wide-ranging watch content and reviews, with a focus on independent brands, technical deep dives, and interesting stories from the history of horology.



The official IG page of the world's largest and most vocal group of watch collectors.




A collection of favorite shots taken by Wil Bethune, photographer & videographer for Teddy Baldassarre.



A dazzling array of wrist shots and wrist rolls featuring some of the watch world's most revered brands and models, plus a hint of levity.



A self-explanatory page from an avid aficionado in Des Moines, Iowa.



Eye-catching pieces from mostly independent watchmakers, including wrist shots and macro photography of beautiful dials and movements.



Page manager Francois-Xavier Overstake describes himself as "watch addict, not a seller." Many diverse styles of watches on display.



Heavy on Audemars Piguet, this page hosts a global design competition for Royal Oak fans.



Luxury watches staged colorfully and creatively, by a Toronto-based photographer and watch addict.



This cheekily named page is one of the few that you will find multiple shots of Urwerk watches, along with other fan favorites.



Photographer and author of nine watch books John Goldberg shoots watches in exotic settings.



Modern and vintage Breitlings, with an emphasis on iconic Navitimer models.



Speedmasters, Submariners, and Seamasters take the spotlight, along with the occasional Grand Seiko and Tudor.



Devoted to vintage Heuer and TAG Heuer watches.



Eclectic mix of wristies, macro shots, two-shot comparisons, and videos from Portland, OR.



Quill & Pad photographer Gary G. shares his favorite shots on IG.



Watches from brands you know, like Nomos and Seiko, and lots of others from indie brands you don't, like Paulin, Manime, and Trafford.



Fans of vintage and modern Cartier watches will find a lot to entice them here.



A treasure trove of watches from indie superstar F.P. Journe, plus some entrancing macro movement shots.



This page is populated primarily by Seiko divers' watches and Omega models, with an extra helping of rarities like Casio digital models.



Elegant photography of watches from Seiko, Tudor, and others from a Malaysian enthusiast.




The tagline, "Mostly Vintage, Mostly Divers" sums up the page's content succinctly and accurately: Seiko Tuna models abound.



Historical field watches and divers with military pedigree, many with NATO straps.



Watch Related

Vintage watches from an array of heritage watch brands, from Longines and Breilting to Universal Genève and Lemania.



Visual artist Kraulis shares her process of creating detailed illustrations of watches and movements.



Official page of the publisher of definitive hardcover reference books like MoonWatch Only and Navitimer Story.



Online seller of a variety of vintage watch advertisements, with highlight pieces displayed on the page.



Artist Justin Sowders showcases his eye-popping oil paintings of iconic watches.



Anthony Lane sells commissioned illustrations of watches on his site, "The illustrated Watch" and displays them here. 



Jon Callahan shows off some of his favorite models and recent offerings at Teddy Baldassarre (director of merchandising & client care).




Antique watches and jewelry are the focus of this dealer's pictures and videos.




Vintage rarities from Seiko to Rolex to Patek Philippe, with the occasional lifestyle snippet.



Retail outlet for vintage watches, by former watch expert for Bonhams and Phillips and GPHG juror.



The 800-pound gorilla of vintage, ore-owned and authenticated Rolex.



Lots of vintage Omega, plus some Rolex and Longines, all authenticated and for sale.



Always an impressive selection of rare vintage pieces, from Watches of Switzerland Group's official vintage dealer.

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