53 Best Watch Blogs for Watch Enthusiasts & Collectors

53 Best Watch Blogs for Watch Enthusiasts & Collectors

Watch collectors, from newbies to veterans, often turn to watch blogs for the latest watch-world news and for trusted reviews of watches they're interested in owning. You will find a lot of useful information and buying advice on our own blog here, but what are some of the other online platforms worth checking out if you're an avid watch enthusiast? You'll find many options in our list of the (other) 50 Best Watch Blogs that are currently active online.

Wrist Enthusiast

Litigation attorney and social media consultant Craig Karger started Wrist Enthusiast as an Instagram account in 2015, and launched it as a full-fledged blog in 2021, adding a small team of editors and writers. The blog covers a wide scope of content for aficionados, from curated lists to hands-on reviews to celebrity watch-spotting.



WatchTime is the U.S.A.'s leading print publication devoted to the world of watches and its online home features some of the magazine's most popular features, including in-depth tests of timepieces, curated lists, and exclusive interviews with industry power players, in addition to all the watch world's most important breaking news.

 Monochrome Watches


Describing itself as "an online magazine dedicated to fine watches," Monochrome was founded in 2006 as the personal blog of Dutch watch enthusiast Frank Geelen and has grown to become one the most-read watch sites in the world. Monochrome covers an array of new product releases as well as serving up reviews, technical and historical articles, and original video content.


Revolution Watch revolution-watch

Based in Singapore, where it was founded by entrepreneur and watch collector Wei Koh, Revolution Magazine is published in eight countries in a wide variety of languages. Both the print and online versions of the magazine celebrate luxury mechanical watches and the lifestyle that surrounds them with a series of in-depth articles and exceptional photography.

Gear Patrol


Watches are only one of the product categories covered by the team at Gear Patrol, whose enthusiast-targeted product journalism reaches more than 5.5 million monthly readers between its online presence and biannual print magazine. With a wide lens covering cars to home goods, style to tech, and outdoor equipment to watches, Gear Patrol puts a heavy emphasis on consumer-friendly reviews and buying guides. 

Worn & Wound


Independently owned and operated since 2011, and training its focus primarily on accessible price points, along with a heavy dose of microbrand coverage, Worn & Wound takes pride in engaging a young and enthusiastic audience of future collectors. Its extensively researched content maintains an approachable tone and covers a wide range of topics, from in-depth reviews to timely industry news, and even incorporates reader-generated content.

A Blog To Watch


One of the OGs of online watch journalism and critical analysis, ABlogtoWatch was founded in 2007 by Ariel Adams. Positioned as a trade publication as well as a consumer resource, the site reaches more than a million users every quarter and is read in more than 200 countries by watch enthusiasts from all backgrounds, income levels, and walks of life.



Watchonista.com, a global online magazine dedicated to covering the watch industry, watch collecting, and luxury lifestyle, was launched in Switzerland in 2009. It offers watch-centric journalism and original, visually striking photography in both its digital platforms as well as in a new, biannual, not-for-purchase print magazine launched in 2021.

Fratello Watches


Established by Dutch collector Robert-Jan Broer, Fratello Watches has been reviewing watches and reporting watch-world news since 2004. ("Fratello" is Italian for "brother," or R-J's surname "Broer" in Dutch.) The site is probably best known for kicking off the "Speedy Tuesday" phenomenon on social media and partnering with Omega for a series of #SpeedyTuesday limited edition Speedmasters.

Time + Tide


Australia's most popular watch website, Time+Tide publishes a minimum of three stories a day on the website, a regular stream of videos on YouTube and an array of content on social media. With a mission "to create and enable watch addicts," Time+Tide maintains partnerships with CNN and other major global media outlets.



From humble beginnings in 2008, when it was the pet project of founder and now-CEO Benjamin Clymer, Hodinkee has grown to become one of the world's foremost horological news outlets, covering watches from a business, news, and lifestyle perspective and featured prominently as an expert source in international media brands including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and GQ.

The Naked Watchmaker


Distinguished by its educational approach to watch reviewing and offering master classes in horological knowledge, The Naked Watchmaker was co-founded in 2017 by Daniela Marin and her husband Peter Speake, who together also founded the Speake-Marin independent watch brand. "Our goal," says Daniela, "is to disperse the myths and misconceptions of an industry by sharing professional knowledge."

DIY Watch Club


Wannabe watchmakers will find content to engage them at DIY Watch Club, which sells at-home watchmaking kits complete with tools and all the parts that a novice horologist will need. The site offers instructional videos to take Club members through all steps of the process and on online forum on which to exchange troubleshooting tips with the rest of the DIY community.



WahaWatches focuses on affordable mechanical watches (the stated price ceiling is under $5,000, though exceptions are made for iconic and vintage pieces), with reviews untainted, it says, by "corporate or commercial interests." New collectors will appreciate its tips on spotting fakes and insights into building a collection.

Watch Report


Watch Report's tag line "Real. Honest. Reviews." says all you need to know about this blog's mission statement to serve as a "trusted, unbiased voice in the watch industry." It has been featured or mentioned in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, SmartMoney, Investor’s Business Daily, Business 2.0 magazine, Wired, and other high-profile media outlets.

SJX Watches


The "SJX" is derived from the name of this blog's founder, Singapore-based enthusiast and former newspaper journalist Jiaxan Su. Since 2011, Watches by SJX has offered wide-ranging watch content and reviews, with a focus on independent brands, technical deep dives, and interesting stories from the history of horology.

Quill & Pad


Quill & Pad, an online magazine specializing in a long-form journalism approach to watch coverage, with exclusive original photos and videos, was founded by Elizabeth Doerr and Ian Skellern, watch industry journalists with more than 40 years of combined experience in the field of fine watchmaking. Its international target audience consists of "connoisseurs, budding enthusiasts and serious collectors of haute horlogerie."


The Watch Lounge


Tom Mulraney founded The Watch Lounge in 2009 as a personal blog, and it has since grown to become a reliable source of unbiased insights into some of the watch world's leading brands and models. The focus remains on in-depth reviews of existing models rather than new product news, for which Tom advises his visitors to "look elsewhere."

Rolex Magazine

Jake Ehrlich founded his online magazine in 2008 as an outlet for his lifelong passion for Rolex watches and the lifestyle they represent. Over 14 years, the blog has featured more than 4,000 stories as well as thousands of high-quality, high-resolution photos, all devoted to telling the stories of Rolex and its most devoted fans.

Hamilton Chronicles


This one's laser-focused on fans of vintage watches from Hamilton, the quintessential American watchmaker. Its proprietor restores original U.S.-made Hamilton watches to their "original glory" and offers some of them for sale.



Oceanic Time is exactly what you'd expect it to be from the name: a blog devoted to dive watches of all types, origins, and price ranges, covering and reviewing brands from Germany, Switzerland, Japan, and even Spain, France, Italy, and North America.  

Watch Charts


If your watch collection is as much a commodity to you as your stock portfolio, you'll probably find a visit to WatchCharts useful. WatchCharts' suite of research tools allows you to browse listings on forums and eBay, research market prices for thousands of watch models, and check seller feedback on Watchuseek, Reddit WatchExchange, and RolexForums.



Describing itself as "the watch website for collectors, by collectors," Deployant was founded in 2014 by author and watch collector Peter Chong, along with two friends. Today, the Singapore-based online magazine serves up a variety of news releases, reviews, and announcements covering watches as well as high-end cameras.

Two Broke Watch Snobs



Starting out as a podcast in which founders and writers Mike Penate and Kaz Mirza aired their uncensored, no-BS opinions on watches, Two Broke Watch Snobs launched as a website in 2017, offering the same style of "horology bar talk" in a written medium for watch enthusiasts craving honesty and candor in their reviews and industry reporting.



WatchUSeek is an online forum serving a widespread international community of watch enthusiasts. It boasts more than 500,000 members and has hosted more than 20 million user-generated, peer-vetted posts. Its team of moderators is devoted to ferreting out the "fake news" and "shill posts" that often plague such forums. 

Oracle Time


Established in 2013, UK-based Oracle Time is an online news platform devoted to "men's luxury watches, fashion, and lifestyle" — meaning that you'll find plenty of watch coverage here in addition to articles on cars, tech products, spirits, wine and spirits, restaurants, and apparel and accessories for gents.

The Wristorian


With a stated goal of focusing on "the underdogs of the horological realm," this sleuth-centric site founded by a freelance writer explores some of the more obscure milestones of wristwatch history. Enthusiasts with a thirst for knowledge and trivia will be enticed by the well-researched content.

International Wristwatch Magazine


One of the very first watch-centric publications in the U.S., IW Magazine began publishing in 1989 and remains a recognized authority on all aspects of the watch industry and watch culture. Its website covers the gamut from watch brand news and events to product reviews and debuts.



Another brand-specific blog, G-Central is an independent fan site covering the latest G-Shock watch releases and all news related to the popular Casio model, including regional and worldwide releases, limited editions, collaborations, and events.



Going all the way back to its founding in 1995, TimeZone has been a respected source of news, opinion, and discussion for watch enthusiasts and today hosts dozens of online forums devoted to various watch brands and topics. Its moderators include recognized experts, authors, watchmaking guild members, and even jurors on the judging panel of the GPHG.


The Time Bum


Founder and eponymous "Time Bum" Loren Sciurba self-describes as "an avid watch enthusiast, prolific reviewer, and unrepentant cheapskate." As one might expect, his independent watch review blog, founded in 2013, focuses on attainable independents and microbrands.

A Collected Man


Aimed at the highest end of the market, A Collected Man is primarily a platform to buy and sell some of the rarest and most exceptional timepieces, from the likes of Patek Philippe, F.P. Journe, Audemars Piguet, and A. Lange & Söhne. Based in London, it deals with clients across the globe, from San Francisco to Hong Kong.

Man of Many


Australia's largest lifestyle website for men, Man of Many covers a gamut of topics from health, wellness, and fitness to technology, fashion, entertainment, and culture. Its host of independent expert contributors curate a stream of content including in-depth reporting on the watch industry as well as product reviews, with an emphasis on driving the cultural conversation. 



Avid Panerai enthusiast Jose Perezstroika started Perezscope initially to blog about his favorite watch brand, and eventually evolved it into an "in-depth research platform" for Panerai, Rolex and other popular watch brands in which secret histories are uncovered and long-held legends are debunked.

The Grey NATO


Hosted by Jason Heaton and James Stacey, The Grey NATO is primarily a podcast devoted to the specific areas of "travel, diving, driving, gear, and most certainly watches." The hosts, both Hodinkee contributors, cover a wide variety of adventure-oriented watch brands and interview industry VIPs.

The Watch Pages


Luxury watch writer Susanne Samuelsson and web developer Aaron Pitts founded The Watch Pages in response to all the people who were asking Samuelsson for advice about which watch to buy. The site takes pride in its advanced search database, featuring more than 150 brands, which allow visitors to find just about any watch through a number of filtered preferences.



If tool watches are your particular horological jam, 60Clicks is the blog for you. Its content centers around dive watches, chronographs, pilots' watches, field watches, digital and smart watches, and any other type of timepiece built for a utilitarian purpose and watch meant to be put through its paces under real-life conditions.

Rolex Passion Report


The Rolex Passion Report blog developed from its founder Philippe Stahl's lifelong love of vintage Rolex watches and his cultivation of an avid vintage-Rolex-collector community with his annual Rolex Passion Meetings. The content centers around product news, brand events, auctions, and generally all things Rolex (and the occasional Tudor).

Watch Advice


Based in Brisbane and founded by Chamath Gamage, Watch Advice is shooting to become Australia's number one watch website, "founded on the basic love and appreciation for watches of all kinds." The cross-section of watches and brands covered here with news and reviews is broad, from Seiko to TAG Heuer to Ulysse Nardin and Jaeger-LeCoultre, to name just a few.

The Slender Wrist


Drawing a bead on watch lovers with smaller wrists who lean toward more modest dimensioned timepieces that still look great, The Slender Wrist was founded by Brock McGoff to cover watches that don't exceed 40mm. Brock's team of contributors test-drive each watch, from a variety of brands and price points, and don't accept sponsored content from brands.

Escapement Magazine


Operated by seasoned watch journalist Angus Davies and his wife Heidi, Escapement takes a "good life" approach to its in-depth watch reviews, often drilling down into the craftsmanship and technical wizardry that accounts for the premium pricing of some of the world's most coveted watches. The site is advertising-driven but the watches reviewed are all chosen by the editorial team.



Veteran watch writers Joshua Clare-Flagg and James Mulvale established 12&60 with a goal to adhere to integrity (their motto is "honest about horology") in a world of clickbait content. Their more than 450 reviews (written and video) are arranged in tiers of price for convenient browsing.

Watch Clicker


Promising "honest and thorough reviews of wrist watches at every price point," WatchClicker entered the field somewhat recently, in 2018. In 2020, the site partnered with the 40&20 weekly podcast, aimed at watch enthusiasts, that explores affordable watch brands with a lifestyle component. 

Wrist Review


Initially founded as WatchGeek in 2011, WristReview analyzes and critiques watches at all levels of luxury, from entry-level to haute horlogerie. Its team of contributing writers keep the site constantly updated with content that largely targets enthusiasts under age 50. 



Watchpro, a trade magazine and website based in the U.K., is essentially the watch industry's bible for all the latest developments on "the business of making, marketing and selling watches." It regularly reports on global trends, business insights from retailers, wholesalers and brands, facts and figures on the state of the industry, and just about every significant new product launch from brands large and small.

Time and Watches


Time & Watches, a supporting media partner of the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie, sees its mission as providing timely and thorough content on watches that are "remarkable for their design, for specific technological advancements, or for truly excellent price/quality ratio."


Watch Journal


Watch Journal began life as InSync in 1997, a glossy print magazine for watch enthusiasts, and upped its lifestyle game when it was purchased by Sandow Media in 2008 to join its roster of design-oriented upscale publications. The large-format print edition is published six times a year and its website supports its mission with original photography and insightful journalism that looks at watches through the lenses of fashion, design, and culture.



The only blog on this list specifically targeting the growing crowd of female watch enthusiasts, Dimepiece takes aim at the "boys' club energy" predominant throughout the watch collecting world and engages modern women with helpful advice, lifestyle-oriented writing and photography, and interviews with veteran and newly minted female enthusiasts.

Watch Collecting Lifestyle


With content curated by founder, collector and connoisseur Halim Trujillo, WatchCollectingLifestyle.com, is a digital watch publication focusing on luxury watch reviews, watch industry news, and collector advice, along with exploring other areas of luxury, like automobiles, fashion, food, wine, and cigars, through the standpoint of watch collecting. The lineup of prestigious brands on which visitors can expect to find exclusive content includes A. Lange & Söhne, Audemars Piguet, Breguet, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Patek Philippe, Richard Mille, and many others.

Watch I Love


Watch I Love was started by Romanian enthusiast Dan-Andrei Kluska in 2014, first on the Blogger platform, then revived in 2018 as an independent website. Now as then, its mission remains a continuing quest to discover and report information from the watch industry and to offer honest and unbiased product reviews.


 Swimpruf banner image

Scuba diver and all-around adventure enthusiast Jason Heaton has reviewed watches under extreme conditions for Hodinkee, Gear Patrol, Men’s Journal, and a host of other outlets. His Substack page features Heaton’s most in-depth and up-to-the-minute coverage of watches, mostly with an active, underwater angle you won’t find anywhere else.

Rover Haven

Rover Haven banner imageMichigan-based Rover Haven is primarily an online retailer of watch straps handmade from hardshell Cordovan leather, many of them custom-made; the founders are also passionate about dogs (hence the “Rover” name), supporting Great Lakes Border Collie rescue with some of its proceeds. Its outdoors-oriented blog section specializes in reviews of watches as well as knives.



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Great blog post on the best watch blogs! This article shares a list of top watch blogs recommended by Teddy Baldassarre. It’s a valuable resource for watch enthusiasts seeking reliable insights and expertise. Well done to Teddy Baldassarre for curating this helpful selection of the best watch blogs!
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VarEesha O.

Informative blog post on the best watch blogs! This article shares a curated list of top watch blogs, offering valuable insights and inspiration for watch enthusiasts. A great resource for those seeking reliable information and expert opinions. Well done to the author for compiling this helpful list of the best watch blogs!
If you want to order some kulhad cups also visit to : www.vareesha.com

VarEesha O.

Informative blog post on the best watch blogs! This article shares a curated list of top watch blogs, offering valuable insights and inspiration for watch enthusiasts. A great resource for those seeking reliable information and expert opinions. Well done to the author for compiling this helpful list of the best watch blogs!
If you want to order some kulhad cups also visit to : www.vareesha.com


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