What to Know Before Buying the Omega Aqua Terra
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What to Know Before Buying the Omega Aqua Terra

Seven key talking points on the most elegantly understated watch from the Seamaster family 

Considering adding an Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra to your watch collection? Here is a rundown of what you should know about the watch from its design history to its movement to its role in sports and pop culture.

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra with green dial

The Aqua Terra sports a design that calls back the dressy design of the original 1948 Seamaster.

The Omega Seamaster as most of us know it nowadays traces its existence to 1957, which was the year that the Seamaster 300, Omega’s first truly purpose-built “professional” dive watch, made its debut alongside the Speedmaster (whatever happened to that model, anyway?) and the recently revived Railmaster. But the first Seamaster was in fact launched in 1948 as a dressy gents’ watch that just happened to boast the same water-resistant structure that Omega had developed in the wartime years prior for the military watches it provided to the British Royal Air Force and other Allied units. The Seamaster Aqua Terra, usually abbreviated simply Aqua Terra, hit the market in 2003 and has served ever since as a more elegantly understated sibling of the sporty, more robustly built Seamaster Diver and Planet Ocean models. Like the 1948 Seamaster, Aqua Terra models eschew the rotating divers’ bezel and other tool-watch accouterments for a more streamlined style. The dials are characterized by simple wedge-shaped hour markers inspired by the silhouette of a sailboat, a triangular hour hand paired with an arrow-tipped minute hand, and — as of the most recent revamp of the collection in 2017 — a textured line pattern on the dial that echoes the teakwood deck of a boat.

 Omega Aqua Terra Green Dial - wrist

The Aqua Terra is powered by an Omega in-house Master Chronometer caliber. 

Since developing its first Master Chronometer caliber in 2015, Omega has moved forward aggressively in installing these movements into more and more of its product lines, and the Aqua Terra is no exception. In keeping with their understated sport- luxury identity, the vast majority of Aqua Terra models offer simple three-hand-and-date time displays — along with a relative handful of chronographs, GMTs, annual calendars, and a very impressive world-timer — and contain automatic movements from Omega’s Caliber 8900 family. These movements are notable for meeting not only the industry chronometer standard of the Swiss testing agency COSC, but also the criteria set forth by Omega’s own METAS certification, with eight additional benchmarks, including the movement’s functionality and average daily precision after being exposed to magnetic fields of 15,000 gauss, the highest antimagnetic standard of any watchmaker (the caliber’s silicon balance spring adds an assist here). Master Chronometer calibers, which are also equipped with Omega’s hallmark co-axial escapements, are required to perform within a tolerance of 0 to +5 seconds per day during and after exposure to this intense level of magnetism. Caliber 8900 movements, which are generally on display behind sapphire caseback windows in Aqua Terra models, store a power reserve of 60 hours and their bridges and plates are finished in Omega’s familiar côtes de Genève in Arabesque radiating pattern.

 Omega Aqua Terra green dial - back

The Aqua Terra is the watch of choice for Omega’s pro golfer ambassadors.

Despite the seeming irony of associating a watch with a sailing-inspired design with a sport in which water is to be avoided at all costs, Omega chose the Aqua Terra as the watch family of choice to represent its partnership with the PGA and several of golf's elite players, including Rory McIlroy and Sergio Garcia. The newest iterations of the Aqua Terra, with the dial’s horizontal teakwood pattern replacing the vertical motif on previous models, made their debut at the 2017 U.S. Open Golf Championship in Charlotte, NC, headlined by the so-called Aqua Terra Golf models, which are distinguished by colorful polyamide NATO straps that make them lighter on a golfer’s wrist. The Sergio Garcia version was mounted on a green-and-black strap that evoked the Green Jacket won by the Spaniard at the Masters.

Omega Aqua Terra Green Dial CU 

Omega’s lightest watch ever was an Aqua Terra model.

Speaking of Omega's lineup of golf greats, McIlroy was so enamored of his Aqua Terra model and his partnership with Omega that he contributed to the development of a highly experimental and innovative version of the Aqua Terra that was built specifically for use by athletes. The Aqua Terra “Ultra Light” debuted in 2019 with a mission statement to minimize weight while maximizing comfort. Its case and crown are constructed from glare-resistant Gamma Titanium, an aeronautical-grade alloy used for the first time in watchmaking, which is both lighter and harder than conventional titanium and renowned for its impact resistance; A sandblasted grade 5 titanium dial further reduces the overall weight of the watch. Perhaps the most innovative device developed for the “Ultra Light” model is the telescoping crown, which retracts fully into the case when it’s not being used to wind or set the watch, a solution that maximizes the ergonomics of the case for an athlete wearing it during play. Even the movement, which Omega has dubbed Caliber 8928 Titanium, adds to the featherweight feel on the wrist, with a mainplate and bridges made of ceramized titanium, which helps increase the efficiency of the power reserve to 72 hours. Knowing Omega, it’s only a matter of time before some of these inventions make their way into the more mainstream areas of the Aqua Terra line.

 Omega Aqua Terra Ultra Light

 James Bond wore an Aqua Terra in the beginning of 2015’s Spectre.

Omega began its famous association with James Bond in 1995 and the actors portraying Agent 007 have worn Omega timepieces for their big-screen missions ever since. The most recent Bond, Daniel Craig, has been known to favor the classic Seamaster Diver but wore an Aqua Terra in the action-packed pre-credits sequence that kicked off the 2015 Bond film, Spectre. The watch’s noteworthy elements include a bright blue dial that subtly references Bond’s history as a British naval officer, a subtle motif on said dial that is drawn from the Bond family crest, and a special rotor in the back of the antimagnetic Master Chronometer movement that evokes the stylish gun-barrel visual that opens the Bond films’ famed opening credits sequences. The Aqua Terra James Bond Edition was limited to 15,007 pieces — a clever combination of the movement’s 15,000 gauss magnetic resistance and James Bond’s iconic “007” agent number. 

Omega Aqua Terra James Bond Limited Edition 

Omega’s first world-time watch was an Aqua Terra.

Despite tracing its history all the way back to 1848, and having developed an array of high complications during its existence, Omega did not produce a world- time watch until 2017. Limited to a scant 87 pieces, the Seamaster Aqua Terra Worldtimer Master Chronometer instantly garnered admiration with its two-level dial. The first level is an exterior layer made of a sand-blasted platinum-gold alloy, with applied luminous yellow-gold indexes and a two-row circle with the printed names of world cities in three distinct colors — red for GMT 0, aka London, black for zones that experience Daylight Savings Time, and blue for zones that do not. (The “Bienne” city designation for GMT +1 is a nod to the Swiss town where Omega is headquartered.) The second level is a central sapphire disk with a hand-crafted enamel world map as seen from the North Pole, surrounded by a 24-hour ring divided into day and night color segments. The 43-mm case is made of the same alloy used for the dial and houses the Master Chronometer Caliber 8939, on display through a sapphire window whose scalloped-edge, wave pattern frame is another aesthetic hallmark of the Aqua Terra family, as well as of the Seamaster models in general.

 Omega Aqua Terra Worldtimer

 In 2020, the Aqua Terra scored some Olympic gold.

Omega’s longtime role as Official Timekeeper of the Olympic Games has yielded a plethora of special Olympics-themed watches across the brand’s various product families, including the Aqua Terra. Among the most notable in recent years is the Seamaster Aqua Terra Tokyo 2020, released in summer of 2021 ahead of the pandemic-postponed 2020 Games. Generally regarded as an entry-level Omega watch, the Aqua Terra is rarely found in precious metal, but this model, with a 38-mm or 41-mm case made from the same 18k yellow gold used to forge the first-place winners’ Olympic medals, was designed specially to pay tribute to these champions. The dial is in polished blue ceramic and hosts a laser-engraved motif based on the Tokyo 2020 Olympic emblem. Caliber 8900 beats inside behind a crystal caseback adorned with transfer-printed Olympic rings. 

 Omega Aqua Terra Tokyo 2020

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