The 15 Best G-Shock Watches to Add to Your Collection Now

The 15 Best G-Shock Watches to Add to Your Collection Now

Dropping G-Shocks From A Helicopter - How Much Shock Can They Take? (Tested From 10 to 100 Meters)

Since its landmark release in 1983, the Casio G-Shock has represented perhaps the watch world’s purest expression of high technology blended with trendsetting style at a price accessible to just about everyone. Over its 40-plus years on the market, the original “world’s toughest watch” has become a brand all its own, with its own hardcore cadre of collectors, expanding into various designs in its digital, analog, and ana-digi versions; introducing new, cutting-edge technologies for its case and bracelet materials as well as its electronic timekeeping; and recently, even embracing the artisanal crafts of its native Japan for a series of special editions. In ascending order of price, beginning below $100 and reaching into the high four figures for the most exclusive, collectible pieces, here are 15 G-Shock watches available now that are worth adding to your collection (not to mention a few you’ll probably just want to wear a lot).

G-Shock DW-5600E-1V

G-Shock DW5600

Price: $69.95, Case Size: 48.9mm x 42.8mm, Case Height: 13.4mm, Crystal: Mineral, Water Resistance: 200m, Movement: Quartz

The familiar and very affordable DW5600 version of the G-Shock is the model on the market now that most closely replicates the design language of the first G-Shock from 1983, aka the DW-5000. While it’s available in hundreds of variations (a few of them spotlighted below), the basic black rectangular model is what most people envision as the classic, no-frills G-Shock. Its durable resin case boasts a 200-meter water resistance (standard on G-Shocks, actually) and its digital functions include a 1/100-second stopwatch, countdown timer, multi-function alarm, a full calendar accurate to 2099, and an electro-luminescent backlight with afterglow.

G-Shock DW9052

G-Shock DW9052

Price: $69.95, Reference: DW9052-1B, Case Size: 48.5mm x 43, Case Height: 14.7mm, Crystal: Mineral, Water Resistance: 200 meters, Movement: Quartz Digital

Also on the most affordable end of the wide range of G-Shock models is the DW9052, for many years standard issue at the Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center in Panama City Beach, Florida, assigned to divers along with their fins, masks, and knives. Built to be virtually indestructible, Its tough military functionalities include a backlight, 200 meters of water resistance, a 1/100-second stopwatch, alarms, a full auto calendar, and both 12-and 24-hour timekeeping. G-Shocks have long been go-to gear for military and law enforcement operators and this model is a large reason why.

G-Shock GA2110ET “CasiOak”

G-Shock "CasiOak'

Price: $110, Reference: GA2110ET-8A, Case Size: 48.5mm x 45.4mm, Thickness: 11.8mm, Crystal: Mineral, Water Resistance: 200m, Movement: Quartz Analog

Bearing design elements that call to mind the famous Royal Oak from Audemars Piguet (hence the nickname), the GA2110ET series, released in 2019, speaks both to the G-Shock’s own mass-market hordes of enthusiasts and to knowledgeable, traditionalist fans of luxury watches who appreciate an affordable “homage” for the wrist. Now encompassing a variety of colors, with resin (and a few stainless steel) cases built in the brand’s Carbon Core Guard structure, the GA-2100 models sport an analog-digital display that covers the whole gamut of G-Shock functions, from stopwatch to alarms to full auto calendar to double LED lighting. Another useful feature: the built-in “hand shift” that moves the analog hands when they’re obstructing the digital readouts. You can find more G-Shock CasiOak Watches here (factory and custom made).

G-Shock DW5600SKE-7 “Transparent White”

G-Shock Transparent WhitePrice: $110, Reference: DW5600SKE-7, Case Size: 48.9mm x 42.8mm, Case Height: 13.4mm, Crystal: Mineral, Water Resistance: 200 meters, Movement: Quartz Solar

One of six models released as part of G-Shock’s “Transparent Pack” in 2021, the DW5600SKE-7 re-interprets the classic rectangular-cased G-Shock in a see-through semi-transparent resin case mounted on a clear, articulated resin strap. The digital display beneath the mineral crystal face is enhanced by an electro-luminescent (EL) backlight and the watch is extremely lightweight and adjustable for comfort while also packing the usual array of functions, including flash alerts for alarms and hourly time signals, a chronograph with 1/100-second precision, and a countdown that can be set up to 24 hours.

G-Shock Move GBA900RD-4A "Burning Red"

G-Shock Move Burning Red

Price: $130, Reference: GBA900RD-4A, Case Size: 51.3mm ×48.9mm, Case Height: 16.6 mm, Crystal: Mineral, Water Resistance: 200 meters, Crystal: Mineral, Movement: Quartz Solar

“G-Shock Move” is the name given to the subfamily within the larger G-Shock series that features fitness- and activity-tracking applications in addition to the usual assortment of  timing features. The new “Burning Red” edition of the GBA900 is particularly head-turning, not just for the vibrant crimson colorway of its durable resin case but for the high-tech goodies packed inside, like Bluetooth functionality, dual and world time, full calendar, and built-in trackers for speed, pace, mileage, and calories burned, making it not just a timekeeper but a compact, digital personal trainer at a fraction of the cost of a human one.

G-Shock GSTB400-1A “G-Steel”

G-Shock G-Steel

Price: $320, Reference: GSTB400-1A, Case Size: 46.6mm x 49.6mm, Case Height: 12.9mm, Crystal: Mineral, Water Resistance: 200 meters, Movement: Quartz Solar

G-Shocks have never been known for their slenderness, but even the world’s toughest watch line is bound to respond to watch-world trends toward more modest dimensions. The GSTB400-1A model from the metal-cased G-Steel collection launched in 2021 as the world’s slimmest G-Shock, at 12.9mm. Its thinness results from a clever redesign of the watch’s inner module, though the brushed-finish steel case remains quite a bold presence on the wrist at nearly 50mm in diameter. The watch is tricked out with all the high-tech elements of a modern G-Shock, including solar charging, Bluetooth connectivity, extreme shock and pressure resistance, a world timer, a 1/100th second chronograph, five alarms, and a fully automatic perpetual calendar.

G-Shock GMWB5000RD-4 Full Metal Red IP

G-Shock Red IP

Price: $500, Reference: GMWB5000RD-4, Case Size: 49.3mm x 43.2mm, Case Height: 13mm, Crystal: Sapphire, Water Resistance: 200 meters, Movement: Quartz Analog Solar

From the recently launched and somewhat more upscale-targeted Full Metal collection comes the GMWB5000RD-4, with a red ion-plated (IP) finish on its rectangular case, bezel, and bracelet. Another ultra-modern model that takes its cues from the original G-Shock from 1983, the watch has the classical brick-pattern digital display on its inverted LCD dial and a Super LED illuminator to read the time and the watch’s array of other functions (stopwatch, countdowns, world time display, daily alarms) in low light. The model’s Bluetooth connectivity allows it to pair with a smartphone through the G-Shock app, allowing for two-way time sync functionality, while the brand’s Multi-Band 6 Atomic Timekeeping technology uses radio signals from up to six transmitters worldwide to provides ultra-precise, to-the-second timekeeping. 

G-Shock Mudmaster GWG2000

G-Shock Mudmaster

Price: $800, Reference: GWG 2000-1A1, Case Size: 61.2mm x 54.4mm, Case Height: 16.1mm, Crystal: Sapphire, Water Resistance: 200 meters, Movement: Quartz Solar

Among the toughest of the tough-across-the-board G-Shock line are the Mudmaster models from the adventure-oriented Master of G collection. The GWG2000 we showcase here is one of the thinnest in the series (at 16.1mm; we’re still talking G-Shock here) and is also notable for its use of a forged carbon bezel. The bezels, which are formed by kneading finely crushed carbon fibers into a resin and then heat-pressing it into a mold, add another layer of ruggedness to the Carbon Core Guard case, which is engineered to be highly mud-and-dust-proof for its intended wearers, who work in extreme environments and encounter daunting levels of debris. In addition to the full range of G-Shock functions and technology, the watch has a new, more resistant structure for its knurled side buttons and comes on a textured strap that resembles the hand grips on heavy machinery.

G-Shock MT-G MTGB2000YBD

G-Shock MT-G Metal Twisted

Price: $1,200, Reference: MTGB2000YBD, Case Size: 55.1mm x 49.8mm, Case Height: 15.9mm, Crystal: Mineral, Water Resistance: 200 meters, Movement: Quartz Solar

The sleek black-and-red color scheme of this watch from the high-end, “Metal Twisted” MT-G collection is noteworthy for the lightweight wearability and relative thinness of its large case, which is composed of a multi-layer carbon bezel frame housing a monocoque inner case: it is G-Shock’s first application of this technology in a production timepiece. The bezel frame is constructed of 235 sheets of layered and machined carbon and glass fiber, making it about 77% lighter than a similar bezel made of stainless steel. Another top-layer carbon sheet wrapped around the sides of the watch at 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock provides further strength, and the lugs are extra durable thanks to the addition of cylindrical carbon sheets wrapped around them at critical points. The metal parts of the composite case features G-Shock’s special Sallaz polishing on their beveled surfaces, and the composite bracelet adds to the weight reduction with hollowed steel parts crafted from a metal injection molding process.  

G-Shock MT-G MTGB1000DCM-1 Camo Print

G-Shock MTG Camo Print

Price: $1,200, Reference: MTGB1000DCM-1, Case Size: 55.8mm x 51.7mm, Case Height: 14.4mm, Crystal: Sapphire, Water Resistance: 200 meters, Movement: Quartz Solar

Another recent release from the MT-G series, the MTGB1000DCM-1 deftly mixes high-tech sleekness with military-issue aesthetics. The watch has a round camo-printed case reinforced by carbon fiber within a stainless steel core guard structure and makes a bold statement with its complex analog dial under a sapphire crystal and its use of the G-Shock “Triple G Resist” technology, which renders it shock-resistant enough to stand up to just about any hard knocks to which a wearer would expose it. Its toolbox consists of a daily alarm, a countdown timer, a full auto calendar, and world-time displays for 39 time zones in 27 cities worldwide. Built-in premium features include G-Shock’s Two-Way Time Sync technology, which combines Bluetooth connectivity and Multi-Band 6 self-adjusting atomic timekeeping for accurate timekeeping virtually anywhere in the world, and the brand’s Tough Solar technology, which enables the watch to constantly recharge itself from light sources without the need to change batteries.

G-Shock GMW-B5000TVA-1 “Virtual Armor”

G-Shock Virtual Armor

Price: $1,650, Reference: TW2U61000, Case Size: 49.3mm x 43.2mm, Case Height: 13mm, Crystal: Acrylic, Water Resistance: 200 meters, Movement: Quartz Solar Caliber 3459

One of the most high-concept pieces in the Full Metal collection, The recently launched GMW-B5000TVA-1, aka “Titanium Virtual Armor,” is designed with science fiction and Japanese “Mecha” animé mind, with G-Shock citing “powered armor and virtual reality,” as its primary influences. Inspired (here again) by the original 1983 base model, it’s one of the very few G-Shocks to use lightweight, matte-finished titanium for the case and bracelet.  The subtly updated case is distinguished by laser-bored holes that reveal red fine resin accents that add to its futuristic look, plus an industrial array of descriptive text and numerals printed throughout the case and bracelet, evoking the look of a 3D schematic for a robot or a suit of high-tech armor. The digital face uses black text on a gray background to display the various functions, all backed by a Tough Solar movement with Bluetooth compatibility for pairing with a smartphone.

G-Shock GMWB5000TB Full Metal Titanium

G-Shock Full Metal TitaniumPrice: $1,999, Reference: GMWB5000TB, Case Size: 49.3mm x 43.2mm, Case Height: 13mm, Crystal: Sapphire, Water Resistance: 200 meters, Movement: Quartz Analog Solar

In late 2019, G-Shock rolled out its first Full Metal reference with a titanium case in the classic DW5000C style. The GMWB5000TB is significantly lighter on the wrist than its steel predecessors (34 percent lighter, in fact) and features a black DLC finish on all the surfaces of its case and bracelet for enhanced scratch resistance. Along with the “elevated retro” look come a roster of G-Shock’s contemporary technical innovations: Bluetooth connectivity, Multi-Band 6 Atomic Timekeeping for worldwide timekeeping accuracy (the “6” is for the six radio transmitters mentioned previously), and Tough Solar tech for perpetual charging of the movement, plus the expected 1/100-second stopwatch, LED light for nighttime legibility, world time indication, four daily alarms, and a countdown timer.

G-Shock MR-G MRGB5000

G-Shock MRGB5000

Price: $3,500, Reference: MRGB5000D, Case Size: 49.4mm x 43.2mm, Case Height: 12.9mm, Crystal: Sapphire, Water Resistance: 200 meters, Movement: Tough Solar Quartz

Modern, cutting-edge materials abound in the multi-part case of the MRGB5000, introduced in 2022 as the highest technical elevation of its classic 1983 model within its “pinnacle” collection, the MR-G, which is produced in parent company Casio’s “mother factory” in Yamagata, Japan. The case band is constructed from DAT55G, a highly workable titanium alloy that’s about three times harder than pure titanium as well as scratch-resistant and finished in a beautiful mirror polish. The bezel is made of Cobarion, which has a hardness about four times that of pure titanium and a brilliant gleam comparable to platinum. In this model, again, we find radio-controlled calibration and Smartphone Link connectivity, including the ability to automatically adjust to the correct time via a link with the Casio Watches smartphone app to automatically adjust to the correct time. It also comes equipped with a solar charging system and high-brightness LED light 

G-Shock MR-G MRGG2000HA-1 “Tetsu Tsuba”

G-Shock Samurai Tetsuo Tsaba

Price: $7,400, Reference: MRGG2000HA-1, Case Size: 54.7mm x 49.8mm, Case Height: 16.9mm, Crystal: Sapphire, Water Resistance: 200 meters, Movement: Quartz Solar

With this MR-G special edition released in 2018, G-Shock melds avant-garde technology with ancient Japanese craftsmanship. Its signature feature is a bezel with a gritty, hammer-tone “Arashi-Tuchime” texture (also found on the bracelets’s center links) that is the same one found on the hilts of traditional Japanese samurai swords. The watch’s color scheme echoes the look of murasaki-gane, a deep violet-hued alloy which includes gold, and a type of copper called suaka, thanks to an AIP (Arc Iron Plating) process that creates a hardened, abrasion-resistant coating. Inside, the “Tetsu Tsuba” model is decidedly modern, with three-way time sync capabilities powered by Bluetooth connectivity to a G-Shock app, and the GPS Hybrid Wave Ceptor technology, which allows the watch’s wearer to accurately gauge his local time and location from anywhere in the world. The movement’s Tough Solar technology allows for self-charging via light sources and it’s jammed with high-tech functionality, including a stopwatch, countdown timer, alarms, world times in 39 cities, day/date display, full calendar, and LED illumination.

G-Shock MR-G MRGB2000BS3A "Hana-Basara"

G-Shock Hana-Basara

Price: $8,000, Reference: MRGB2000BS3A, Case Size: 54.7mm x 49.8mm, Case Height: 16.9mm, Crystal: Sapphire, Water Resistance: 200 meters, Movement: Quartz Solar

The priciest and most luxuriously crafted watch on our list, the Hana Basara edition was unveiled in 2021 in commemoration of 25 years of the MR-G collection. Its distinctive, colorful design takes inspiration from the ancient armor worn by the samurai of G-Shock’s native Japan. The blend of green, red, gold and black color areas on the stately case are an homage to those found on Hana-Basara armor, and the bezel, made of Cobarion, is formed in a facet-cutting technique commonly used to cut gems and meticulously polished to a mirror finish by a Japanese artisan. The main case as well as the bracelet are constructed of DAG55G titanium, with areas alternating in color from a brown IP finish to a traditional Japanese, iron-colored (kurogane) DLC coating. The multicolor theme continues on the dial, which hosts additional textures, applied indices, and other features inspired by the namesake armor. 


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Beside iconic DW models, GW models are maybe the most valuable pieces released so far (price vs features).
I am wondering wehere would GW-M5610U and GW-9400 fit into your list.

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